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UR Instalment Plan

Salivating for that coveted gadget all your friends are using at your workplace/school?

With our 0% Instalment plan, we'll buy the future for you if you purchase anything above RM1000!

Two options stand before you:-

1) 12-month Instalment Plan (0% Processing Fee)
2) 24-month Instalment Plan (3% One-Time Processing Fee)

iPhone & iPad purchases are a little bit different:-

1) 6 & 12-month Instalment Plan ( 4% One-Time Admin Processing Fee)
2) 18 & 24-month Instalment Plan ( 6% One-Time Admin Processing Fee)

Let's set some examples for your enlightenment:-
That fantastic iPhone 6 you saw was at RM1499. You plan on taking a 12-month instalment.

RM1499 + 4% One Time Admin Fee + 6% GST = RM1652.5/12 = RM137p/m


If you ever feel tempted, don't hesitate to drop by our outlets where we will convince you of your purchase. See you at Urban Republic!